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Lebanese Government:
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Lebanese Embassies:
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Lebanese Commercial Groups:
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Lebanese Political Groups:

  • The Free Patriotic Movement ( The FPM defines itself as a movement for liberation and change.
    Its national objectives are: to recover sovereignty, independence, and national freedom of decision in Lebanon; to spread a democratic system of government that is founded on justice, has integrity and transparency, separates all branches of government, and rests on the transfer of power, free elections, and a free media; to respect human rights according to norms stipulated by international law and treaties; and to establish a nation of rights that is committed to the responsibilities that a modern state owes its citizens and the international community.

  • The Future Movement ( a non-governmental movement founded around Mr. Saad Hariri, the son of former PM Rafic Hariri killed in a car bomb in Beirut on February 14, 2005. The movement runs an online forum at (

  • The Lebanese Forces ( A Christian group founded initially by Bashir Gemayel to fight the PLO in Lebanon and later the Syrian occupation. Dismantled in 1994 by the Lebanese government. Led currently by Samir Geagea.

  • Reform Lebanon ( [OFFLINE SINCE DEC 2005] Reform Lebanon is a team of young Lebanese that addresses the concerns of the Lebanese people and tries to reach out to other reformist-like organizations. They are lobbyists and campaigners aimed at enforcing the notion of reform within the establishment in Lebanon and the parties within it.

  • 7iwar ( [OFFLINE SINCE SEP 2006] 7iwar is an internet forum trying to bring together Lebanese people interested in discussing the future of Lebanon and the best ways to rebuild it.

Lebanese News Sites:

In Arabic:

In French:

In English:

  • The Daily Star ( Daily Newspaper in English (Pro-Hezbollah)
  • Naharnet ( A commercial site, owned by Dar Annahar, with news updated daily and forum pages (Pro - Independence)

Lebanese Television Sites:

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