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The CDL welcomes Chibli Mallat's candidacy for President of the Republic

CDL | Sunday November 6, 2005


The Center for Democracy in Lebanon (CDL) and its affiliated organizations welcome the announcement by Professor Chibli Mallat of his intention to run for the office of President of the Republic of Lebanon.


Professor Chibli MallatChibli Mallat is the EU Jean Monnet Professor of Law and the Director of the Center for the Study of the European Union, Saint Joseph University (USJ; Beirut, Lebanon), and currently a senior fellow at Yale law school, Schell Center (New Haven, Connecticut, USA). He is also Principal of Mallat Law Offices in Beirut, Lebanon.

impressive profile as a lawyer and a professional, his clear vision and candid opinion expressed in many information outlets including the CDL's website, make him an excellent role model for Lebanese politicians and for the Lebanese youths who hope one day to run for office.


On this note, CDL's director, Elie Al-Chaer, invited Mallat to share with the world his plan to win the next "presidential elections" in Lebanon and his program to build a modern democracy in this country. In an exchange with Mallat, Al-Chaer expressed the CDL's willingness to carry Mallat's message to the Lebanese people and their friends and supporters across the world, and invited him to make use of their website and media outreach campaign to publicize his ideas.

The CDL and its affiliated organizations are an independent, nongovernmental grass-root movement dedicated to promoting the democratic potential of the Lebanese People in an open and decentralized society. The "Democracy in Lebanon" family of organizations is an all volunteer coalition of Lebanese organizations and a growing cadre of dedicated professionals with various religious, educational and social backgrounds working for Peace, Democracy and Prosperity in Lebanon. Part of this mission is to highlight the profiles of candidates for office, their qualifications, their strategic plans and their programs. The CDL can provide strategic counsel to candidates for office in Lebanon and advise them on how to achieve their goals.


When the time for the "election" of a new President in Lebanon nears, the CDL will endorse the candidate most aligned with its objectives.




* Press Release available for print in PDF format [Click here]

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